Santa Scheduler

On the site, parents are directed to have their kids choose an alternate date and/or location for Santa to visit and then send an email. Within a few minutes, the family will receive an emailed reply from Santa confirming he has their information and will visit them on the requested date.

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Family Calendar

Raising children in separate homes is made easier when everyone in your family is on the same page. The shared calendar on OurFamilyWizard keeps you and your co-parent working in tandem with built-in tools for tracking parenting time, scheduling holidays, and more.

Christmas co-parenting plan

Having a Christmas co-parenting plan in place can ease communication and avoid conflict.  Here is an editable one I created. Please note that THIS IS NOT A LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT, nor takes the place of a formal parenting agreement. It is intended to help families to have a clear plan over the holidays to create the smoothest experience possible for the children

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*An excerpt from the book "How will Santa find me?" by: Carin Smolinski

Available in e-book for instand download and in book format!